“Life is a Box of Chocolates” Gift Cover

Image                                                                  A chic and simpler design can have its benefits, which include a bigger focus on your message. I love the shadow and light effect in photography, and in design as well. Using subtle hues can give greater dimension to your work, especially on a dark background. As you can see in the above design, I have only selected two images, but because they are both set against black, the colors stand out that much more, creating greater definition. The photo of the feather is symbolic of the “Forest Gump” movie from where the tagline comes from, and adds a magical element to the cover.


“Peace Night” fan page Collage

Image                                                               The reason I love visual arts, is because of the metaphorical interpretations you can create with images. When we think of what peace can represent, we normally have a concept in our minds of people working together, etc. With this design, I wanted to go a bit deeper with that idea.

My client’s page had some amazing personal quotes that I was able to use and combine with the ‘night’ images. The biggest element for this collage was striking a balance between completely different photos, and making them seem as if they are all in the same place, the same lake. So, in the case that your images are different shades of colors, and they don’t seem to quite fit, you can easily apply a color effect that will blend everything together.

The name of the page “Peace Flash” is reflected beautifully in the text that has an evanescent effect, blending with the colors of the lake, and putting emphasis on the ‘Flash’ which remains highlighted to draw attention.

“Living Art” Design for Fan Page

My first idea when asked to create a cover for this fan page with a creative theme, was to somehow bring it to life. I took one look at the colorful illustration of the woman dancing beneath a bursting sun, and thought about how wonderful it would be for that sun to come alive.


While selecting images for your collage, most of the time, you have to go with your gut instinct with what you feel is beautiful. In this design, I decided to make a replica of the illustration to make it stand out much more. That particular post with text in the middle was chosen because of its artistic quality, which helps to complete the creative concept.

When using bright and vivid colors such as in this collage, always go with a dark background and lines, or else it will become overly bright, and uncomfortable for people to look at, causing unintended distraction. When a design has a very artistic and abstract element, applying cursive text can make it stand out even more, because it adds an element of sophistication and curviness to your overall creation.

“Breathe Slowly” Design for Fan Page


Every beautiful design has something that makes it come alive, whether it be vivid colors, complex textures, or living plants and animals. For this particular cover, I based the images selected around the “Breathe Slowly” concept. The blossoming rose, falling petals, and quiet aspect of the overall design create that general feeling of peace and serenity. Each of these elements symbolizes the fact that life and nature takes its time, and stays on its own course. I wanted people to look at this and literally take a deep breath, and truly live those words. The colors are soft pastels, but the color effect gives it both positivity and warmth, which contribute to the page’s theme.

“Positivity Toolbox” Design for Fan Page


Images that make you smile, are perfect for collage making. The theme for this fan page was ‘positivity’ and includes a tip on “smiling at a stranger”. For this design, I chose my centerpiece photo first, which is the little girl standing in front of the rainbow, and worked in other images that contributed to the overall feel of it. The colors all reflect the rainbow theme, such as the multicolored butterfly, and the words “Positivity Toolbox”, also have a colorful effect to tie it in together.

You’ll notice that the background color and lines match the blue sky of the centerpiece image. A tip for this sort of work, is to choose photos that have a lot of dimension (wide open spaces) and to coordinate them with smaller images that give an appearance of being closer (e.g. the butterfly). This way, you create balance and are giving your viewers the “Global Vision” of what is happening in your design.

“American Birthday Club” Cover for Business Page

Inspiration came easy in the making of this design which incorporated mothers and babies.


I find that using lighter tones for expressing joy and happiness is the best choice at the moment of creating a collage, especially with this particular theme. The images I selected were intended to bring out the “newborn” feel to it, since the business is about providing products to new mothers. A light pink border was used to create less contrast and emphasize the light and pastel colors captured in the design. The font color gives it that whimsical and ‘fun’ effect, while still maintaining it’s concise message.

**A tip for creating beautiful covers for Business Pages, is to make the colors stand out without overwhelming the viewers, and to transmit the emotion and concept of the products or services that are being offered without the overuse of text.

“Bold Sunset” Gift Cover


When creating a collage, harmony and balance are the biggest challenges in achieving an attractive design. Color combination is a big factor, but also knowing how to section your images is important for creating a global image that makes sense. In this cover, I wanted the “sunset” theme to really create a sense of paradise and serenity, but at the same time, really show off those bold warm colors.

The quote you select when designing this sort of collage should be the frosting on the cake, so to speak. When you look at the woman relaxing on the hammock, you get the sense of wanting to be there and to live in that moment. While you can try experimenting with the border colors, you’ll notice that the black background in this case, really offsets the golden oranges and pink clouds, achieving the balance and contrast of the design.

Abstract Green Gift Cover


I am a lover of abstract designs, and especially when I can mix things up a bit with pale and bright colors. Something incredibly important when creating this sort of work includes using a variety of textures and patterns. You can find the most complex and gorgeous details in nature, but the point is to find close-ups that really show every little line and curve. There is something about the above design that makes you want to reach out and touch the plants just to feel the different textures. Though this particular collage doesn’t have a story to tell, it opens up your mind to perceiving things in a different way, and noticing the smallest details with greater appreciation.

“Happiness in Your Life” Design for Fan Page


Part of my favorite aspect of using photography to create personalized collages, is getting to know my client’s personality through their most memorable images. Composing a design that reflects a person’s own story is part of the whole creative process. As you can see above, you’ll notice a progress in the color scheme, ranging from darker blues to more vivid greens, and culminating in reddish golden hues. All of which are symbolic to the message of the theme.

The photos and quotes such as: “The best has yet to come” and “Every wonderful thing unfolds in it’s own time, including life itself”, were supplied by the client and have special meaning for them and their Fan Page. The quotes lay out the foundation for their story, and allocating the vertical and horizontal lines of the collage to purposefully create this ‘unfolding’ vision, is what visually depicts the central concept of “Happiness in Your Life”.

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